A great oil solution, the Difference is Nano.

Energy saving and wear reducing proven Nano-Technology.



A New, Unique, Patented, High Performance, Energy Reducing, Anti-Wear (AW), Anti-Friction (AF) and Extreme Pressure Nano Super Lubricant Reducing Energy Consumption in all Oils.

NanoGuard® IC-3101X IF-WS2 defines a new generation of Multi-Acting, Multi-Layered, Nano-Fullerene like particles designed to Enhance traditional lubricants & oils. This revolutionary enhancement transforms ordinary oil into super performing lubricant.

NanoGuard® products also include Extreme Pressure (EP / AW / AF) Grease and Oil as well as (AW / AF) Dry Coating.

Energy Reduction

Tests using
NanoGuard® IC-3101X IF-WSin over twenty Aerators at Waste Water Treatment plants shows a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Results show increased mechanical efficiency & reductions in energy consumption up to 8%, with a consistent average of 5%, efficiency gains along with a recorded ROI of several hundred percent.


NanoGuard® optimizes the performance of any Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic or Mineral Oil.

  • Lowered operating temps up to 27.5%
  • Extended oil and machinery life
  • Reduced service intervals by up to 2.5 times
  • Fewer mechanical breakdowns lowering operation costs


Oils using
NanoGuard® form a protective nano-coating on metals, yielding a Tri-Fold Reduction in Friction Coefficients.

Nano-spheres release tribofilms (layers) which refurbishes the surfaces of mechanical parts, providing superior protection for your equipment with wear reductions from 20% to 37% recorded.


Bluesea Technologies Pty Ltd/ Inc. founded in the year 2000, specializes in the synergy between mechanical engineering and chemical energy.

NanoGuard® IC-3101X IF-WS2 is brought to you in partnership with NIS, Nanotech Industrial Solutions, a global leader in manufacturing Nano Particles. NIS manufacture IF-WS2 unique Patented nanoparticles in bulk at an industrial scale.

NanoGuard® sells this enhanced super lube to industry, agents and retailers worldwide as well as providing IC-3101X IF-WS2 data sheets and consultation to industry about the many uses of our Nano-Technology.

Contact Us for advice on how to best use NanoGuard® products for the best energy efficiency savings. 



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